Vinyl Rain Gutters – The Pros and Cons

Your home’s rain gutter system is an important piece in protecting your home from rain and water damage. Whether it is by keeping water away from your foundation or preventing it from falling on your head as you walk out the door, your rain gutters play a key role.

When it comes to gutters and downspouts you have several different options as to the type of material they can be made of. There are copper gutters, steel, aluminum, etc. But one of the most popular types is vinyl rain gutters. Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of this type of gutter.

Advantages Of Vinyl Rain Gutters

Ease of installation – Vinyl rain gutters are arguably the easiest type of gutters to install on your home. They come in pre-cut sections and weigh very little which helps with installation.  rain gutters

Low maintenance – Vinyl doesn’t rust like steel and doesn’t require painting. Basically, you only need to keep them cleaned out over time as leaves and debris can clog them. This is the case though with any type of gutter.

Low cost – Vinyl rain gutters are the lowest costing gutters available. They can easily cost $5 -$10+ a foot less than their other counterparts.

Disadvantages Of Vinyl Rain Gutters

Weather – Vinyl rain gutters are not for certain areas of the country. Places with hot sunny temperatures and conditions will destroy vinyl guttering in short order. The gutter will crack under the harsh conditions and break apart.

Easy to warp – Another common problem to keep in mind with this type of gutter is that they are prone to warping. Heavy amounts of rain can cause the material to bend and bow. Even a ladder put up against them can create serious issues. Finally, keeping them cleaned out is a must as the weight of debris can easily damage them.



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