Two Big Mistakes We Make – Stress Monster in My Head

Mistake number 1: Negative Self-Talk

Have you ever taken the time to listen to the things you constantly say about you to you? So often we think, in the privacy of our own mind, “Loser, idiot, dummy, it’s so over for me, why did you do that, are you crazy,” and the list goes on and on. Tell me, would you really talk that way to your best friend and expect them to “live” with it? Hopefully not!

“Think and Grow Rich” a wonderful old book, says “Thoughts are Things.” It also says “Whatever the mind… can conceive and believe it can achieve.” Could this barrage of negative self-talk literally be programming you to become all the things you just said about yourself? Wow! If you are telling yourself, you are all these negative things, what kind of person do you suppose you will become?

What you can do:

Use Positive Self-Talk Affirmations. Write them down (or download a starter list from my website), then Read them out loud each morning and evening.
Write a list of 10 things you like about yourself and tape it where you will see (and read) it every day.
Daily write down all the things you are thankful for. That’s right, create a Thankfulness Journal.
Mistake Number 2: Taking in the Media Stress Monsters
Another big mistake is not realizing what is being programmed into that marvelous memory bank we call our mind. Do you ever catch yourself singing a jingle from a commercial you didn’t even really watch? I have! Your wonderful mind hears much more than you realize.

Ask yourself: What are you listening to today? What are you watching on television? Movies? What kind of games do you play? Think about it.

There is an old computer expression that goes like this “garbage in – garbage out.” eula can’t resist monster meat

A few more things you can do:

Consciously make a decision to find better media, maybe smooth fusion music, smooth jazz, or classical music for a change.
Take your kids, or yourself, to a family oriented, funny, happy movie or stage show. Something that feeds your mind and soul.
Replace some of the media stress monster games with quality games.
Find ways to “BE”… you know its fine to just “BE.”
One of my workshops is on the Art of BEING. The ability to do all the things you dream of can originate from just learning to “BE.” I’ll share more about this wonderful art another time, but for now use the steps above and just enjoy being YOU. It can free you and give you

another way to overcome the Stress Monster in your head so you can live the life you deserve. ‘Til next time…



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