Plumber Logo Design – Ideas for Plumbing Business Logos

If you are starting a plumbing business or looking at improving the marketing of an existing plumbing service, then you will need to give some serious thought to the logo design that you use.

This article contains some ideas and advice on plumber logos. Hopefully the following tips will help you to get the inspiration that you need to plan out the key elements of your logo and communicate your ideas to a graphic designer.

The Importance of a Logo Design for a Plumber

There are many different factors that determine whether your plumbing business gets a phone call or not when a person finds that they have a leaky faucet or a blocked toilet. You have to ensure that your logo helps your business to make a great first impression so that customer feel compelled to call you instead of your competitors. A great logo design will help people to identify you as a plumber and it will help you to develop a well known and trustworthy brand over the years.

Popular Images for Plumber Logos

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Unfortunately you can only get away with minimal  Sammamish plumber wording on your logo. Luckily you can make use of an image to help you pass a message to viewers about what you do, how you do it or how you do it differently from others.

If you do an image search on Google and type in ‘plumber logos’ you will come across numerous examples that are currently being used in the plumbing industry.

It is common for plumbing logos to use imagery associated with the trade like tools, taps, pipes or water. Such ‘obvious images’ immediately identify that the business in question is a plumbing service. Others try to emphasize the speed or quality of service by using the image of a plumber. These images are usually in cartoon form and feature a plumber looking strong and reliable or running off to a job in a hurry.

Whatever image you use, just make sure that it makes for an overall design that is unique. The last thing that you want is to be confused with other plumbing businesses in your market.

Color Choice

Any color can work well in a logo for this industry. Glancing over some plumber logo samples the colors that stand out as being popular include both light blues and dark blues. Light blue works well because of the association with water. Shades of dark blue are associated with sincerity and integrity and are therefore very professional looking colors for any service business.

Many plumber logos seem to be made up of too many colors and they end up looking cluttered and amateurish. Ask your designer to focus on minimal use of color to keep your logo simple and effective. By using fewer colors you will also make it easier for your business when it comes to printing, faxing and photocopying your design. Your logo should be effective in black and white as well as color.

Lettering and Fonts

Logos look good if minimal lettering is used so it is better if you have a fairly short business name. You could also request an alternative version of your design with a slogan if you feel that would work better in your advertising campaigns.

There are many fonts to choose from and your designer should be able to recommend a variety. A message about your business can be conveyed through the style of font as well as an image.

Working With a Designer

When it comes to ordering a design, stay away from companies that sell logo templates over and over again to multiple businesses.

Your best option for an affordable and professional design is to use one of the online custom logo design firms that have sprung up online over the past decade. They will read the briefing that you give them and then set out to design a variety of logos specifically for your business. You can have a certain amount of input into the process and request changes along the way until you are satisfied.

If you shop around and find a package that you are happy with and communicate clearly with your design team then you should end up with a logo that matches your business perfectly. Your designers will try to understand who your typical clients are and design a logo that appeals to them.

A logo design is a marketing tool that will last for many years and hopefully increase in value if you are successfully able to develop a desirable brand. You should therefore not think twice about investing a few hundred dollars and getting the logo that you need to promote your services as a plumber.

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