Make Your own Chocolate Bars for Christmas. The Molding of a Chocolate Candy bar

Chocolate has always been mantra bars nootropic one of the key ingredients for the world’s greatest pastry chefs. Well, don’t we all know just how good chocolate is? But let’s try to think out of the box and instead of running to the store whenever we want taste of something sweet, let’s make our own chocolate. You don’t have to be a pastry chef, you don’t even have to be very good at cooking, you don’t have to have a candy thermometer, you just have to be a little handy and have a bit of courage. Following our advice and a few simple steps, you will see just how easy it is to make your own chocolate.The Best Chocolate Bars for Baking | Epicurious

Chocolate is a must have for Christmas and homemade chocolate is much healthier than the chocolate we usually buy from the store, that’s because you know all the ingredients you use and actually you only need a few ingredients to make the perfect chocolate.

The key for the perfect chocolate is a double-boiler that prevents you from burning the syrup. If you don’t own a double-boiler, you can easily make one yourself: just place s small pot on top of a larger one. The larger pot must be half filled with water. Place both pots on the heat and the ingredients you want to melt in the smaller pot. As the water starts to boil, the ingredients start to melt, but they will not burn, as the temperature is lower than if the pot was place directly on open flame.

Could anything as good as a chocolate bar be less than a sinful pleasure? Eating chocolate gives us such pleasure, we actually savor the moment the chocolate hits our tongue. Chocolate bars can be made of most any type of chocolate. From the dark rich to the white, to the milk chocolate. While we all tend to splurge on a normal candy bar from off the rack at the supermarket, there are various kinds of chocolate that can be much more expensive. Chocolate that is of better quality and costs more, has an added amount of coco butter than the common variety that is so common and enjoyed by most.

Chocolate that is molded into a bar shape, is one of the most common forms that chocolate appears in. Certain specialized molds receive the warmed chocolate product and the mixture then sets until it is formed into this shape. It all depends on the manufacturer, but additional ingredients are sometimes added, such as nuts or fruit for a variety in the flavor of the chocolate bar.

Companies use molds for shaping chocolate which are made from either plastic or metal. Sometimes certain desired designs, to add a fancy flair to the chocolate bar, are added. This may cause the candy bar to seem special and an increase in sales may be seen. For candy bars that are produced in mass, the manufacturing company will usually use a candy mold that is sturdier and suitable for high count production. These molds will contain a desired design if the candy has become popular from a design’s use. There is a secondary system for the sales of chocolate bars as many sources for chocolate will mold the ingredients into the shape of bars and then proceed to sell their finished product to other chocolate producers.

There are even ways to create bars of chocolate in the average kitchen. By adding the mixture to a suitable deeply filled mold, you will end up with a delicious bar with a rich chocolaty taste. A mold with designs can be used as well and your finished product will appear to look professional.

If you also use molds to make soap, do not use the same molds for making chocolate. The soapy residue left in the molds will destroy the sweet chocolate taste and your candy bars will be ruined. However, once you invest in molds for making chocolate, they can be cleaned and used over and over again. To remove hardened chocolate from the mold, use a spatula to gently scrape the chocolate from the mold. Welcome to the world of creating your own sweet treats.

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